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Stockholm is one of the most beautiful, forgotten cities in Europe. Built on 14 islands, connected by hundreds of bridges, with an archipelago of islands surrounding it. Full of beautiful people, stunning architecture, cosy cafes on every corner, so clean You'll find it a challenge to find a chewing gum on the street. I believe, not to be biased, that all in all it is the most beautiful city in Europe. 
Compared to London, for example, which only has one, okey, maybe two seasons a year, sweden has four wonderfully colorful seasons. Spring, with early snowdrops pushing through the melting snow, transforming to yellow fields of tussilagos and the blond, beautiful swedes crawling out of their hiding during the cold, white winter. Summers spent out in the sun, buzzing on a boat from one little island with the traditional red house with a swedish flag to another in the archipelago...and autumn, with blinding red, orange and yellow colors as far as the eye can see. 
Do i sound pathetically enthusiastic? 

Places to visit in Stockholm:

Where to eat and drink:

Cafe Saturnus
A super cosy cafe renowned in stockholm for its tear and share "kanelbullar"(cinnamon buns) and huge coffees... definately a place worth paying a visit. 
 Papa Italiano on Riddargatan
Probably the trendiest place right now if you wanna mingle with stockholm elite and spot a celebrity. Very small and cosy venue in the heart of stureplan, tasty, rich italian food served on the biggest plates you've ever seen and smily good looking italian waiters, yes, waiters(!). Get a table at the bar, if you can!

One of the restaurants owned by a swedish group of guys that also run Riche and Sturehof. One of the hottest places in Stockholm at the moment, good scandi food but prepare to spend a few hours there as i think they might be catching the fish in malaren while you wait.

Where to go and what to see:
For people that do not know swedish food, you have to visit this place. To me, a food and cookoholic, this is what a toy store is to a child. I absolutely love this place. Love it, love it. Every stall knows me by know because i spend my days there, jumping food stands like a bee jumps flowers in spring. You can find local specialties such as all kinds of herring, local fish, smoked deer and elk meat which is sooo good. Amazing breads, cakes. You can pop by and buy the best ingredients to cook a meal at home or sit down in one of the restaurants.
Its in this beautiful, old building, been around for more than a century and is well known for hosting the best suppliers. A place you can not miss out on if you visit stockholm.


On the island of djurgarden, in the very heart of stockholm, you can find skansen, which is an open air museum and zoo, containing a wide range of scandinavian animals including the wolf, brown bear, lynx and moose. Don't underestimate the size of this place, you can easily spend half a day walking around. It will give you a great insight of the swedes love of outdoor.

Rosendals Gardens

At the far end of the islands of djurgarden is the rosendals tradgard.

Where to stay:
Story Hotel and Restaurant, Bar

Best Whisky Sours in the world

A super trendy hotel in the heart of stureplan, located at the beginning of riddargatan. Stone throw away from riche and all the restaurants and shopping. 
It has a New York feel about it, hence i love it. Very cool restaurant and bar downstairs, jam packed with stockholms coolest people.

Lydmar Hotel

Located right next to the grand hotel, overlooking the water and old town, 2 min walking distance from NK, the HN of stockholm, this is the right now hottest boutique hotel in stockholm.
The hotels entrance is disguised so the hotel is not a place you walk by, it is a destination.
Cool art decorate the walls, buzzing restaurant where you are sure to bump into a celebrity,  super friendly staff, spacious rooms. 
My favorite hotel in town. 

Going out at night:

Rose Bar

Cafe Opera

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