About Just Jussi

About Jussi

People find escapism in many forms. Some people practice yoga, some find it at work or just relaxing in front of the TV, I find it in cooking. When I am in the kitchen I think flavors and aromas… nothing else. My mind is filled with creativity and passion and it seems no troubles in the world exist except for making sure the soufflé does not collapse!
My whole life I have always searched for new challenges and aimed to widen my horizons. I was born in Sweden and moved to Poland at the age of thirteen to focus on a career as a tennis player. Soon a realized I wanted more and relocated to England to complete my education.
I have always been a rational, determined and ambitious person. I now have a degree in Mathematics and Economics and I have always had a particular interest in science. After I graduated in 2004 I worked with a fashion designer. I applied my business knowledge to succeed as well as having an opportunity to express my artistic side.
Having done what I had considered the appropriate stages in my life-education and work, I realized none of it made me jump out of bed in the morning. So I decided I want to achieve something in a field that is a true passion of mine. Cooking.
Ever since I was a young child I had a passion for food and the art of cooking.
Every opportunity I had I travelled to all corners of the world to experience different cultures and was always fascinated by the wide range of cuisines the world has to offer.
Cooking was one of the few constants following me regardless of occupation or geography. I have found the ultimate combination of all my skills and passions in the kitchen. The process of selecting the ingredients and creating the perfect balance is a science and the final presentation on the plate is an artistic masterpiece.
Making sure the chocolate fondant is runny inside and baked on the outside, the crème patisserie has the perfect consistency, my hollandaise has the ultimate balance between richness of the butter and tang of the acid, and watching the dough rise in the oven has brought me excitement and happiness throughout all my stages in life. 

SO I am going to treat this blog as my diary of recipes and food experiences. A journey I believe you, as the fellow food lover might enjoy to embark upon.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions email me on justinakozicki@mac.com