Thursday, 14 October 2010

Roasted cod fish fillet with shellfish beurre blanc and scottish girolles

Serves 4

4 x cod fish fillets
olive oil
salt and pepper

Shellfish Beurre Blanc:
1 shallot, chopped
100ml dry white wine
30ml white wine vinegar
250g unsalted butter, cold and diced
1 lemon, juice
50g brown shrimp
200g mussels
a handful of chives, finely chopped

200g girolles, washed and dried
1 tsp olive oil
25g butter
500g spinach leaves, washed any tough stalks removed
1 garlic clove, pressed
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Preheat the oven to 200C

Making the Sauce:
1. Place the chopped shallots in a saucepan with the white wine and vinegar. Reduce the liquid on high heat to 30 ml.
2. Whisk the cold, diced butter into the reductions piece by piece on low heat. Make sure that the butter emulsifies with the reduction rather than just melts. Add more butter once each piece has been incorporated. Continue until you end up with a smooth, glossy beurre blanc. Add salt and a squeeze of lemon to taste. Now pass through a sieve in order to remove the shallots. Keep your sauce in a warm place (in room temperature by the stove is fine) until you need it.
3. Prepare the mussels by putting them into a large bowl of water. If any mussels float, they are dead or empty - discard of it. Also any partly opened or cracked mussel should be discarded off. If its only slightly open, tap it on a hard surface, if it shuts the mussel is good.
[A more detailed description and more information on how to deal with mussels go to].
Remove any "beards" of the mussels and cook them in a covered pan with 50ml of white wine. Cook for about 3-5 min until all of the mussels are open. If after that time some are still closed - discard. Keep 3 mussels with the shell on per plate and pick the rest out for the sauce.

Wilting the spinach:
1. Cook the spinach in a frying pan with a knob of butter and pressed garlic on low heat until the spinach is wilted. This means it should be cooked but still have that slight crisp to it. Season with salt and pepper and then drain off any excess water. Keep covered in a warm place until serving.

2. Heat up a frying pan and add some olive oil. Fry the mushrooms until they are golden brown. Season with salt and pepper.

Roasting the cod:
1. Heat up a pan over high heat until its smoking hot. Rub the cod in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Fry the cod fish fillet skin side down until its golden brown. This literally takes up to 30 seconds.
Transfer the pan with the fish fillets to the preheated oven for about 5-10 min(depending on thickness of fillet) until cooked through.

To serve:
1. Reheat the beurre blanc on a low heat and add the mussels, brown shrimps and girolles until they are heated through. Add the chives at the very last minute off the heat. Serve the cod on a bed of spinach with the sauce drizzled around it.

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